My creative process is non-linear and quite variable by virtue of the fact that I have almost always worked from home which for me, feels absolutely natural. My professional and personal lives are completely inseparable, reflecting who I have become in my roles as a wife and mother.

While I am designing and things are quiet, I choose to work on my computer. When it is loud I share my experience with others and enjoy the craziness around me.

My workspace can be perfectly neat or it can exist in the middle of total chaos. I need to have everything that I am using in sight to be able to add that unique accent that unequivocally belongs to a particular piece. But this works for me, because it is my own chaos, and I understand it.

When it comes to the craftsmanship, exhibition and proper packaging of my creations, I can be extremely structured and exacting. However, when I am assembling things are much more fluid and organic; I occasionally have to restrain myself from jumping onto another project because a material just beautifully showed me a new path to take.

Sometimes, I incorporate my family into the creation of my collections and the experience has been absolutely fascinating!. Their whimsical touch adds even more thought and soul to the final piece, which fulfills my purpose and enriches the eventual owner of my creation.

Form, function and passion… the perfect equation.

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