Banana Graphika is always looking to create multifunctional signature accessories.

We carefully construct multi-way hair pieces that can be placed anywhere and configured according to your needs. Our headdresses with adjustable chains permit individual sizing and tailoring for a comfortable fit. The pieces are always versatile and some can be worn as headpieces or necklaces.

BananaGraphika uses diverse materials ranging from vintage, raw and semiprecious stones to Swarovski crystals. Clear and colorful rhinestones to ethereal fibers and textiles are all a part of the mix. Feathers and seeds from the Amazon and other regions of South America flow together to create desirable and unexpected outcomes. Hand-knotted and braided metal chains in a broad array of tones along with intrincate charms help to create boldness in the products while still maintaining exquisite design.

Sterling silver, vermeil, gold, silver plated, metals, ceramics, and glass are also part of the array of materials in our menu palette.

Get glamorous, get edgy, get effortless! It’s all in the details.

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