I’m a firm believer in taking time everyday to create beauty in different forms, particularly with my own hands. This always takes me back to my childhood and the beginning of my journey in design as a student, which reminds me of the original forces that brought me where I am today.

The starting point of my handcrafted collections was born in a tenderhearted moment between a mother and daughter, as one day I could not find the “perfect” hair accessory for her. I decided to make it on my own and since that moment I have not stopped.

From this humble beginning with my little girl serving as my muse and leitmotif, Banana Graphika has evolved into multiple lines of unique multifunctional collections. Currently it offers versatile options of self-expression through designs that speak to a wide array of personal tastes.

My beloved Venezuela inspires me constantly and is the reason behind the incorporation of Latin influences into my creations. Interesting concepts, mixed media, joyful color schemes and cultural codes reflect the dynamic  history of my country. These things will always be present as a substantial part of my work.



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